Casting spells is much more simple than one might think. To cast a spell first you have to understand what magic is. There are

“ tricks of illusion” which is the “magic” used by magicians or people who do the special effects in Hollywood done with mirrors and smoke etc. Or there is true magic, magic of the craft better known as “witchcraft”.

All of us use this magic whether we call ourselves witches or not to some level. We do it without thought like breathing air. Magic is simply the act of releasing and receiving energy. Being made of different levels of energy ourselves casting or working spells is basically the art of directing the energy we release to obtain a certain goal or purpose and therefore manipulating the energy we receive back in return. With practice and determination the better the outcomes. Here are five steps to help you when working a spell;

1.) Belief- It is EXTEREMLY important to BELIEVE in yourself and what you are doing, without trusting yourself and your work nothing will happen.

2.) Emotion- Along with believing you have to FEEL your spell working, FEEL the energy around you, and most important you need to WANT the spell to work.

3.) Visualization- You need to see in your mind’s eye the spell your casting unfolding the way you want it to, you need to see the outcome you desire clearly in your mind the entire time.

4.) Concentration- You need to FOCUS and concentrate on your spell, concentrate on the picture of your spell unfolding, focus on the desired outcome, never lose your focus.

5.) Caution- Before you perform a spell remember to use caution. Our world, our universe is held by a balance good/evil pros and cons, think a spell through and consider how all the people involved will be effected by it. Remember the rule of three: By the power of three all shall come back to thee. Or do unto others as you would have done to you, both are pretty much the same. Harm thee none and do what ye will. Energy is neither negative or positive until we release it and there really is such a thing as karma. What you do will in some shape or form come back to you.

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