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The word abracadabra is known universally as the "magic word" of stage conjurers. What little is known is that it is a word of ancient origin, used by genuine magicians from about the third century.

The word abracadabra is derived from a Aramaic phrase (Avarah K'Davarah) meaning, "I will create as I speak." (Harry Potter fans might recognize this spelling; however, it is not a curse.) It has appeared in Kabbalistic and Gnostic texts alike.


In Ritual Magick and Kabbalah, the Abyss is the divide between individual ego-consciousness and enlightenment/Cosmic consciousness. In the practice of Kabbalah, it is the divide between the Supernal and the lower Sephiroth, the divide between the higher and lower states of existence. The abyss is the abode of the serpent Choronzon.


Alchemical symbol for air. One of the four alchemical elements, Air has the qualities of coolness and dryness, associations with breath, life, communication, and the holy spirit. In the Latin Alchemical language, it is Flatus, gas. In Ritual Magick and Kabbalah, it is the element overseen by the Archangel, Raphael. The ruler of Air is Peralda, and the elemental spirits associated with air are Sylphs. In Astrology, it rules the signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. The elemental sybols are derived from the hexagram.


The substance of spirit.


A table or other elevated surface on which offerings are made to various deities. Some form of altar is common to most religions.


A charm that can be made out of several things known to have magical energies and is worn on your person usually around your neck in most cases. There are several types of amulets each carries a different magical property such as protection, health, prosperity, success, love, lust, insight, courage, etc.



Ancient Egyptian symbol of fertility, life and immortality. Also known as an Ansata cross, it is a visual representation of a sandal strap. The lower cross represents the masculine aspect of divinity; the top loop, the feminine. The Ankh is considered to have meaning in Ritual magick and in Wiccan/Neopagan traditions.


Usually depicted as a jackal or jackal headed man, Anubis was the Egyptian judge of the dead. Anubis weighed the souls of the dead in the Hall of Osiris; judging them against the #"feather of Ma'at.” (The job of weighing souls was eventually transferred to the archangel Michael.) Anubis was the patron of emblamers and funerary priests.



The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is the Ram, a fire sign. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. (March 21st-April 19th)

Astral Traveling

Astral travel is known as the “Out of Body Experience”. It is the semi rare ability where your “spirit” or “Astral self” leaves your physical body and journeys to other astral planes, dimensions, or places. Some people experience astral travel without knowing it while they sleep when their body is in a more “relaxed state” and the subconscious takes over our “conscious” minds. It takes lots of practice to gain control of the ability to travel in the astral planes. When you do gain control over astral travel you can will yourself you be in two places at once (meaning you can physically be in one place and still have conscious control over your physical self (see, hear, and feel what is going on around you in your physical body) and your astral self or spirit can be somewhere else which is the part of you that isn’t made of physical substance and you can see what is happening in both places. Sometimes communicate from both places at once.)

Astral Self

This is the non physical part of you, your spirit or soul. Everyone has a spirit matter in them that usually takes the form of your true self or your physical body.

Astral Summoning

Now I have never read about the subject but I know from personal experience that astral summoning is possible. This is the ability for someone else to summon or will your astral self to them. This can happen when someone strongly wills you there with them or calls you subconsciously and your astral self responds without your consent from your conscious mind. If you don’t know what it is happening it can be quite an experience it is like being two places at once.


The ancient art of divining by carefully calculating and following the paths of the stars and planets. It is a very difficult but very accurate form of divination. In legends the centaurs (creatures half human half horse) where masters of astrology.


Pronunciation: ah-thah-may • (noun)

An athame is a knife with a double sided blade used in most wiccan/pagan rituals. Some prefer athames with a black handle but the color and decoration is really up to the person. Some like to personalize their athame with runes, and symbols engraved into the handle or blade. Some like to bless their athames with the 5 elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit before using in rituals, circle casting, or ceremonies.



Pronunciation: Ah-toom • (noun)

In Egyptian and in Alexandrian Hermetic writings, Atum is the supreme deity, or the unknowable God, who travels across the sky in the aten, or sun disk.



An avatar is a reincarnation of a deity in human form.


Augur (Auspex)

An augur was one of a Roman priestly class, a diviner chiefly concerned with interpreting the songs and flight patterns of birds to determine the success of Roman political and military undertakings. (the augur was also known as an 'auspex,' from which we get the word 'auspice.') The practice was inherited by the Romans from the Etruscans.

The augur's tool was a wooden wand, often with a curled end, called a littus (or, lituus). Echoes of this ceremonial tool can be seen in the crozier carried by officials of the Roman Catholic Church. (Early images of Jesus sometimes depict him withan augur's wand)


The most progressive sign of the zodiac Aquarius rule by the planet Uranus planet of rebellion and the element water. (Jan. 20th-Feb. 18th)


An aura is energy sometimes visible around a person, place, or thing. Often times auras can be seen in different colors and hold different meanings. For example if you see a black aura around a person it could mean usually one of two things death, or a drastic change that is about to take place to the person or has recently taken place with that person. A black aura can also mean negative energy, usually if that is the case you can sense the bad feeling as well hovering around that person or place or thing.



A besom is a special broom, used to sweep away evil and negative energies. Although they aren’t really used for flying over the moon, in old customs druids and pagans used besoms for “broom hopping” an old type of marriage ceremony mostly performed on the night of Beltane. It is also said that when a besom or broom falls a visitor is coming (also meaning sometimes a spiritual visitor) most times this means more of a warning that the visitor isn’t a pleasant house guest.


A bezoar is a stone found in the digestive system of animals usually a goat. It has also has been rumored that bezoars could be found in the heads of toads. They were once used for an antidote for most poisons (some of you might of heard of it from the famous Harry Potter tales.)

Black Magick

Real magic is neither black nor white. It is both because nature is both. Magic becomes black or white/negative or positive, good or evil depending on the one the energy or magic is coming from. “Black magic” is negative energy directed in a spell from a person wishing someone or something harm or to force someone or something to do their negative bidding, or to basically force another to go against their own will.


Book of Shadows

The book of shadows or (B.O.S) is a record or dairy a witch keeps from the day she first enters into the craft and fills it with all the knowledge and experiences she has through out her life, spells, rituals, and other very useful information. If she or he trains another in the family usually they pass down their B.O.S. to the newer witch to read and record what they will in their own B.O.S. and so on. At least that is the tradition I have started in my family. Everyone is different, some never show their Book Of Shadows some witches never keep one. Some keep one large book that spells and rituals are added into through out their family line (kind of like in the T.V. series Charmed, but in these cases the spells etc. are real.) and they have inside it a family tree that is added onto as well (like what you find in some old Christen Bibles.) Everyone is different and every B.O.S. is different and full of lots of different information.

Burning Times

These were the darkest times in all history for both witches and people of all types of religions and backgrounds, and histories. No one was safe through out these hard times (may they be over for all time) Commonly known as the time of the witch hunts and when many were accused of witchcraft most of whom did not practice it some were burned at the stake, others tortured in ways well I’d rather not go into. Basically it was a time of blood and lies and massacre. If you want more information contact me and I’ll refer some sites and books I don’t have the stomach to write on it myself.


A pagan/druid/wiccan holiday celebrated on the 1st of May at sundown. It is mostly known as the celebration of sex (not the sick porno gang-banging nastiness) but the beauty of sex and reproduction of life. In old times Beltane fires would be lit and a maiden (who was normally a virgin) would be chosen and she would play the spring maiden and another (the stag) would be chosen to play the god or Cerunnos. This couple would invoke the deities into their bodies and make love in hope to create life, a child conceived of the magical union. It was said that a child conceived in such a union would have great gifts of the craft.



A type of divination based on the manipulation of specific plants and trees.

Blessing a doll

I won’t go into how this is done. It is a common “Awaking spell” done to voo-doo dolls in black magic.

Blessing of ritual tools

Some people do this before they use their tools for the first time, others like to bless their tools before each use. There is several ways and little rituals to bless your ritual tools, one of the easiest and probably most used that I know of is blessing them by the elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

Black Arts

See Black Magick


Banishing someone is a spell that is not to be taken lightly. Every spell can hold different outcomes, so when banishing anyone or anything from a person to a common ghoul or astral creature use caution and BECAREFUL. Banishing is just, a spell to banish a person or thing. It could be to get rid of that person or thing permanently or temporally.


Bindings are tricky. It can be done to “bind a person or thing to you” or to “bind” or prevent a person from doing something (for example causing harm to themselves or others.) It is always wise to use extreme CAUTION when doing a binding spell because they can always backfire. Marriage rituals like hand fasting or broom hopping is also a kind of binding spell it is the binding of two souls for an amount of time, sometimes for always meaning in this life and the next and so on. These do work so be careful and always, always think out a spell before doing it!!

Blessed water

Water used for cleansing (such as cleansing one’s house of negative energies) made usually at the full moon with water and sea salt under the light of the ripened moon and blessed by the goddess.



A cacodaemon in Greek mythology is known as a malevolent spirit.


Capricorn is the tenth constellation in the zodiac, with the element earth. It is the zodiac sign for those born December 22nd-Janurary 19th.


Ceremonial Magick

Often referred to as "Ritual" or "High" magic, is a form of theurgic spiritual practice performed with the intent to achieve a personal spiritual transformation, or union with God, through specially designed rituals.


The Chalice is tool used in Pagan or Wiccan ritual magick ceremonies, the chalice represents the water element, receptivity, feminine energy, and form. It represents the Goddess of feminine principal in a number of rituals. It is related to the suite of cups in the Tarot deck, and the watery signs of the zodiac.


Charge of the God or Goddess

This is generally when the god or goddess is invoked or summoned to bless an object or person. Sometime in ritual magic a priest or priestess will call or (invoke) the god or goddess into themselves to do this.


The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of Life. They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.

They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx.

In the Judeeo-Christian tradition, they are the four vast, winged creatures described in the visions of Ezekiel, each winged creature bearing four faces: a lion, a bull, eagle, and human head.

In later Christian tradition, the four Cherubim (tetramorphs) are associated with the four evangelists of the New Testament.

In ceremonial magick, the four kerubim are the living energy of the tetragrammaton, and rulers of the fixed signs of the zodiac. Kabbalistically, the Order of Cherubim correspond to the sphere of Chokmah.

The chubby baby angels we commonly refer to as "cherubs" are in fact "putti," and are carry-overs from Roman paganism.


(Pronunciation: Hay-sed • (noun) )

In Kabbalah, the fourth Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. Chesed is the first of the 'manifest' sephirah. The word Chesed means mercy, and Chesed is paired with Geburah, severity, on the Tree of Life.


In Kabbalah, the second Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. Chokmah (Hebrew, wisdom) is one of the three 'supernal' or unmanifest sephira. Chokma rules over the sphere of the zodiac (or the planet Uranus, depending on the system).

The word Chokmah means wisdom, and the sephirah is paired with Binah, understanding, on the Tree of Life.

Clessing of ritual tools

Although the name Choronzon has been popularized by Aleister Crowley, it originates in the Enochian records of John Dee, where he is synonymous with the serpent of the garden; in modern magickal practice Choronzon is the final obstacle of the abyss, the dark side of the ego, which must be defeated before one attains mastery.

The crocodile occasionaly pictured on the first tarot trump is Choronzon, in the guise of Ammit, the "eater of souls" of Egyptian mythology. To the prepared, Choronzon is the beneficient destroyer of the ego, to the unprepared, a force of dispersion or annihlation.

Some see Choronzon as an independent entity (or group of entities- Legion) who opposes (Detailed descriptions of Choronzon can be found in Casaubon's A true and faithful relation, and in Crowley's The Vision and the Voice.)

Casting the circle

Casting the circle is done by most witches in both rituals and spell casting as a means to keep out negativity. It is usually done with a ritual tool known as an atheme or a sword most always it is double bladed. The circle is symbolic for life, the cycle of all creation, for the oneness of all things.


Being clairvoyant basically means that you have the gift or ability to divine. In one way or another you are able to see things in a way that others usually can not for example you see things before they occur by dreams, tarot, or another form of divination, or that sometimes you can simply make predictions or have premonitions that come true. This goes for both the past, present and future there are hundreds of different types one can divine or be clairvoyant.

Corn Dolls

The corn dolly is an ancient harvest custom, still widely practiced throughout Europe. In ancient europe it was customary at harvest time to leave a small portion of the grain in the field, often twisted or tied into the shape of a man or the symbol of a god or goddess. Sometimes, it was even dressed in men's or women's clothes, kept in a cradle, or hung atop a pole. This bundle or effigy (immortalized in Burns' ballad of John Barleycorn) was believed to contain the essence of the spirit of the grains- a representation of the solar deity who would be burned and 'reborn' as the spring grain. At the end of the season (usually at the winter solsticee), the bundle would be ritually sacrificed, burnt, or plowed under to ensure the year's crops. In later times, corn dollies evolved into a household tradition, with elaborate symbolic figures crafted from straw, which were usually hung over doors or in barns and burnt at Christmastime; sometimes small grain dolls were kept in cradles or given 'pride of place' in the home through the winter. Today the corn dollie is little more than a craft tradition, with each region 'specializing' with a particular design.


Cone of Power

The Cone of Power refers to energy raised during a Wiccan ritual; the enrgy is said to resemle a cone before being released for its intended purpose. A ritual designed to create directed enrgy is referred to as "raising the cone of power."


Cord Magick

Cords were often used in different types of magick for different spells and purposes. Often special knots were made into these cords for wishes, hand fasting ceremonies (marriages), bindings, or other spells. Typically as long as the knot would hold the spell would stay intact but of the knots all unfold then the spell was good as never told.



The use of correspondences in magick is based on a kind of sympathetic magic based on the Hermetic principle, "That which is above is like that which is below." In Hermetic tradition, all material things correspond to divine energies, and like influences like.

As heavenly bodies were thought to influence earthly sphere, things that correspond symbolicaly to those bodies or energies will share that influence.

For example, a ruby, which is symbolic of the energies of the planet Saturn, corresponds to Saturn, and takes its place in magick used to obtain Saturnian influences.


The word coven derives from an old French word, couvenant meaning "to agree," from the same root as convent and convene. Used specifically to denote groups of witches in the seventeenth century.

A modern Wiccan magical group is also referred to as a coven. It is usually comprised of thirteen members, including a Priest and Priestess.




The original meaning of Cowan described a stone mason who worked without having served an apprenticeship. In later times, it was used by Freemasons to denote a non-initiate who poses as a Mason, or simply a non-initiate.

In Wiccan/Neopagan parlance, a sometimes derogatory term meaning nonbeliever or scoffer. (although "muggle" seems to be fast overtaking this term in common usage) It does not mean "traitor" as is sometimes averred.

Crowley, Aleister

Infamous occultist of the nineteenth and twentieth century, Aleister Crowley is best known for reviving the Ordo Templi Orientis, and as the author of many books, including the Magick in Theory and Practice, The Book of the Law, and The Book of Lies. He was an accomplished Ritual magician, but unfortunately enjoyed his reputation as a libertine, clouding his reputation with rumors of orgies, drugs, and other goings on. Contrary to popular rumour, Crowley was not a Satan worshipper, nor did he perform human (or animal) sacrifices.



In some kabbalistic systems, Da'ath (knowledge in Hebrew) is an 'invisible' sephirah (also described as a 'non sephira') that combines energies of Binah and Chokmah, wisdom and understanding; Daath is not so much a sephirah but a description of a spiritual experience that can be likened to satori.


Some like angels classify demons into different groups, which is what has been done in older times mainly by christens or those of the catholic faith. The simplest way to describe or define a demon is as an entity with very negative purposes. Demons feed upon fear, and negativity, and destruction. Demons commonly use manipulation as a key form to attain these things from living things capable of emotions. Demons are extremely dangerous beings and although without a physical body of matter they can not cause you death or harm directly but they can use the process of possession (inhabiting another body) to cause physical harm or even death to the person they inhabit or others who come in contact with that person. Demons are sometimes mistaken with poltergeists a nasty ghost or elemental being, however there are differences. Demons are far more deadly to encounter than a malicious poltergeist. They can come in many shapes or forms, mostly they are elemental spirits themselves once human who haven’t moved onto the next level of existence who have fed on a great deal of hate, and negative energy becoming a powerful and much feared supernatural being. Sometimes though rare you can encounter demons that have evolved from other species or entities.

Dark night of the soul

The phrase "Dark Night of the Soul" is derived from the works of the Spanish mystic and poet, St. John of the Cross. In Western mystical thought, it refers to the arduous process of purifying the soul of worldly attachments in preparation for illumination. +



Deosil is an archaic phrase, meaning "in the direction of the sun." Its current use refers to a clockwise perambulation in Wiccan and Neopagan rituals.


Believed mainly by the catholic and christen religions the devil is a high angel whom fell from heaven’s most inner circle to the earth. Known as a male form or entity the devil in his attempt to study god’s creation on earth was intrigued by the evolution of humans taking a human form himself he discovered the pleasures human flesh could bring intimately and had intercourse with women disturbing god’s plan therefore God as punishment banished him from heaven’s gates to hell.


There are hundreds of different types of divination. Divination can be extremely hard to some and a second nature to others. Basically it is the art or ability of telling the past, present, or future about something, someone, or something. Some types or methods of divination are tarot reading, tea leaf reading, scrying, touching objects or people for premonitions, rune reading, astrology, palmistry etc.




In Islamic mythology, the Djinn are fiery spirits, one of which was Iblis. From the Arabic junna, "angry, possessed." The Jinn pre-existed in middle eastern folklore before Islam, and were incorporated into the religion. The djinn are creatures who lived on earth before man; they were made up of 'smokeless fire' whereas men were made from earth.

Djinn are often disruptive, but can sometimes be of service to mankind. The Djinn shunned daylight and were responsible for disease and insanity. Unlike other devilish creatures, however, the Djinn are creatures of free will, even having a chance at redemption through Islam. The three classes of Djinn are:

Ghul, mishchievous shape-shifting spirits associated with graveyards. "Ghul" is the origin of the English word "ghoul."

Sila, Djinn who can appear in any form

Ifrit, evil spirits.

In Middle Eastern magical practice, Djinn are invoked much like the spirits of the Goetia in Western magick.

The word "genie" is a corruption of Djinn. Both 'Djinn' and 'Genius' probably share a common root. Djinn are said to avoid salt and steel, and to be afraid of the sound of singing.

Drawing down the moon

Drawing down the moon is an old ritual used in both pagan and wiccan faiths. It is basically the act of invoking the goddess through the moon, done of nights when the moon is full. Using a chalice filled with water or blessed water you raise your cup to the moon and say your own rites of passage or words and when you hold the moon whole in the depths of your chalice or cup you complete your spell or ritual by drinking of the moon or goddess. Sometimes this is also done on a new moon, everyone has a different method of doing this but the concept is the same.


In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a wandering spirit, the soul of a dead person who may attempt to forcibly inhabit another body.


A person who practices the art of druidism or paganism which were the ways of the goddess before the ways of the catholic or christens came to pass.



One of the four alchemical elements, earth has the properties cold and dry, and symbolizes physical sensation. In esoteric tradition, earth represents the manifestation of matter.


An egregor was originally one of the legendary "watchers" (also, Grigori, Nephilim) of the apocryphal Jewish Book of Enoch, who descended to earth and taught mankind the arts and sciences-and in doing, introduced discord.

Elder Futhark

There are three commonly known runic alphabets: the 'elder' and 'younger' Futhark (futhark being the transliteration of the first few letters of that alphabet), the Anglo-Saxon futhork, and the Danish 'short twig' or script alphabet. The word 'rune' literally means a 'whisper' or 'secret.'

The Elder Futhark is the oldest, and consists of three sets of eight letters; there have been as many as thirty three runic characters, and as few as sixteen at various times. Runes have been used as a divinatory device from the beginning, and some scholars believe that at one time, a special class of diviners existed dealing soley in rune reading.

In the present time, runes are created and used by Asatru believers as a device for meditation and divination. One is generally expected to construct their own set of runestones.




There are five basic elements that make up our world; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. In most practices of both Paganism and Wicca these five elements are used in ritual and spell work a lot. In fact the “pentagram” is a common symbol used in witchcraft (a five pointed star) to represent the elements and a “pentacle” is a symbol of a five pointed star incased inside a circle representing the elements combined and the “oneness” it creates.


Elementals are basically ghosts of living beings that have passed and remain through will and take shape with the aid of the five elements, although elementals do not carry a physical shape or body made of mass as we do, they have been known to inhabit bodies (possess) other living and non-living creatures. Elementals as a whole are pretty harmless many have all they can do to hold onto a physical appearance ( a body much like an astral body that can shape itself into a replica of a physical body of matter, usually by holding moister in the air, willpower, and so forth). Witches have been known to see elementals when others can not because witches are more in-tune with nature and it’s surroundings and use and rely on the elements in spells and rituals where as elementals must rely on the elements to hold a shape.


An equinox occurs when the celestial equator and the ecliptic (the ecliptic is the path the sun appears to take through the constellations of the zodiac) meet. This occurs twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the autumn. On both occasions, night and day are of equal length.



Unlike a sabbat which is based on a solar calendar, an esbat is based on a lunar calendar occurring thirteen times a year on full moons and is the time at which most wiccan and neo-pagan covens meet or gatherings (a large assembly or coven gather together) occur.


A form of divination preformed by having the ability to read comet and or shooting star patterns.



Often witches through-out the ages have been known to have “familiars” which could be a pet one of the most common pet familiars being the ’black cat or raven’ or an elemental or some kind of entity that would bond with the witch and do their biding, a kind of magical best friend. Many witches today do in fact have familiars whether it be a cat, other animal, form of spirit or both. Witches are well known to be able to bond and even sometimes befriend elemental beings and link better with animals. Cats are known for being good familiars because they are mysterious and magical animals themselves and they are also well known for being able to see and make contact with elementals. Sometimes the bond between witch and familiar could be so great that a witch could use her familiar to see through their eyes and it through hers…

Five fold kiss

The five fold kiss is an old ritual tradition usually done in covens between the high priest and priestess and other members in a way of greeting. In the form of a pentagram to symbolize the elements five parts of the body would be kissed; the feet, knees, a person’s sex, breasts, and lips :

The feet-That they have brought thee the path of the goddess

The Knees- That they may kneel at her alter in blessings of the oneness of all things

The person’s sex-That it may be fertile and bare the seed of creation and life.

The breasts- That the heart may be strong and true, and for women nurture and feed new life.

The lips-That the secrets of old be kept among the coven, and that they may in secret utter the old scared names.

Flying Ointment

It has been said that some witches used to create and use a flying ointment on their brooms to fly, actually it was applied to the skin or even drunk in very small amounts and only usually give the person using it the impression or feeling of flying being a very strong and highly hallucinogenic herbal blend including ingredients such as belladonna and henbane, both poisonous and deadly if overused. Many solitary witches and even covens refuse to use such potions or even teach the formula to new witches if they even know how to make it because of it’s dangerous consequences.


Gerald Gardner

Gerald Gardner was the British civil servant, folklorist, and protege of Aleister Crowley who founded the Wiccan religion in 1954. Gardner blended elements of Ritual magick, traditional European Paganism, and his own personal philosophy into a new religion he called "Wicca," or "wise."


In Kabbalah, the fifth Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. The word Geburah means severity, and is paired with Chesed, mercy, on the Tree of Life.



From Jewish history, a place of suffering or torment. Often compared to the Catholic idea of purgatory, a place for the purification of souls.


Astrological glyph for Gemini. The third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini is an air sign, and means twins. (Those born under the dates 5/21-6/21 are under the birth sign of Gemini)


A complex type of divination process using holes poked into fresh earth or sand.


The Ghedes (ancestors) are one of three classifications of Loas in Vodou. They are representatives of the dead and dying, guardians of the threshold of life and death, cemetaries, and the gateways of rebirth. Their symbols are coffins, phalluses, and crosses. The ghedes take the appearance of skeletons, and prefer to wear sunglasses while visiting the world of the living. The Ghedes are celebrated during the Fet Ghede (feast of the ancestors), which marks the New Year.


In Alchemical tradition, gnomes are the elemental spirits of earth. They have the appearance of small, mishapen usually brown men.


The sacred text of the Mandeans, written in Aramaic. Ginza means "treasure" in that language.


Gnosticism was an early form of Christianity that believed the creation of matter to be flawed, and the creator to be an evil force. Jesus is equated to the serpent of Eden, and one of the Archons.

Golden Dawn

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a nineteenth century Masonic-styled initiatory group dedicated to "Hermetic" magical practice- that is, occult theurgical magick. The group consisted of two orders, patterned after the Kabbalistic Tree of Life- one outer "occult society" represented by the lower sephiroth, and an inner order of adepts, represented by the upper. The magick of the Golden Dawn was based on the work of medieval and Elizabethan era kabbalah, ritual magic, and spiritual alchemy, with an emphasis on the Enochian workings of John Dee and Edward Kelly. The initial teachings of the order were based on a document known as the "Cipher Manuscript," a coded series of lectures on magick, Tarot, and Kabbalistic gematria. Members of the Golden Dawn included founders Wynn Westcott, MacGregor Mathers, and William Woodman, as well as Poet WB Yeats, actress Florence Farr, author Arthur Machen, as well as prominent occultists Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Arthur Edward Waite, and Israel Regardie.



The Gorgon were legendary monsters of Greek myth, the three fearsome sisters Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno, the daughters of sea monsters with fearsome teeth and hair of serpents. It was said that a gorgon could turn a person or living creature to stone of they looked him or her in the eyes.



Goetia (from the Greek, sorcery) most commonly refers to the Lemegeton, or Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis), an anonymous seventeenth century manual on demon invocation popular with eighteenth century occultists, most notably Aleister Crowley and AE Waite.

The book, cobbled together from a variety of medieval and Renaissance sources, purports to be the magical manual of the biblical King Solomon, whose legend has long included tales of servant demons conjured by the king to do his bidding.

The book is divided into five parts: the Ars Goetia (Art of Goetia), the Ars Theurgia Goetia, (art of theurgic goetia) the Ars Paulina (Art of Paul the apostle), Ars Almadel (Art of the talisman; an almadel is a magical diagram of the cosmos), and Ars Notoria (The notary art; a previously existing work).



A golem is a kind of “life size” puppet made out of sand or earth without any strings. It is a very complex magic and many who try can never learn to create an actual golem. Golems usually take a crude shape or form of a person, sometimes made to look like the physical appearance of a actual person or creature, normally they can not talk and the creator of the golem manipulates this sand likeness or figure to make it become animated. They do not think or act of their own free will, having no soul, they are simply like a very realistic life-like puppet animated by a very skill full person. Golems are very rare, and well made ones can’t easily be detected as a golem, only a very, very powerful and skillful person could make one.

Green Man

The Green Man is known as the Wiccan and or neo-pagan God. Often depicted as a man’s face made of vines and leaves he is the god of nature, fertility, and all things. It is sometimes thought the Green Man is actually another form of the Pagan god Cernunnos who takes the shape of half human man, and half stag.



A book also commonly referred to as a Book of Shadows (B.O.S.) a Grimoire is a book or type of diary kept by a witch and filled with spells, rituals, and their own personal magical journey and experiences.


A Druid grove is exactly that- a grove of sacred trees, where rituals and religious ceremonies were performed.

In the modern Druid tradition, Grove refers to a ritual group, or to the setting where rituals are performed.

Gris-Gris Bags

Gris gris, or "Mojo bags" are small folk magick charms used in the folk practice of Hoodoo. Gris-gris are small cloth bags or pouches filled with herbs or other ingredients, used as charms for a variety of purposes including protection, attracting love or money, etc.



From Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law, Hadit represents an infinitely small point in space, and the human soul hudden in the material. Hadit is the complement of Nuit. Hadit is related in concept to the winged kneph, or Iao, an egyptian emblem used in Masonic Rites.

Hand of Glory

A grisly magical charm popular with thieves in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the hand of glory was a candle made from the dried hand of a hanged convict through a complcated recipe that also included herbs, horse dung, peppers, and salt. The hand would be carefully mummified, and then joined to or turned into a candle using tallow from a hanged corpse. (whether this is from the same corpse is apparently irrelevant). Set alight, the hand was reputed to have the power to render the occupants of a household insensible, making burglary a simple task.


Hecate was an ancient (pre-Olympian) Greek goddess (A Titan), an earth and fertility goddess who ruled over puberty rites. Over time, she became the patroness of magic and sorcery and guardian of the crossroads, and mistress of ghosts and shades. She was often depicted as triplicate, having three heads or bodies, with which to see in all directions. Hecate is closely associuated with Diana Lucifera (Diana the light-bearer) and many of their images are identical. Among Hecate's symbols are keys, hounds (often three-headed), and torches. She is a favorite among modern Wiccans and Neopagans.


A type of divination using herbs and other various plants.

Hexagram (Seal of Solomon)

In Ritual Magick, the hexagon is called the Seal of Solomon, and represents Divine Union, being composed of a female, watery triangle, and a male, fiery triangle. The traditional elemental triangles of earth, air, water, and fire are derived from the seal.


The hierophant being the fifth trump card in the tarot deck basically symbolizes a strong guardianship from a magical source, also known as a person that initiates a new witch into a coven or group it is the wise instructor filled with occult or old knowledge and understanding.

High Magick

High Magick is something that can be achieved through much practice and attained knowledge and guidance in the craft, it is obviously considered the highest form of magick one can practice in our level of existence.


A type of divination done by examining the movements of wild horses.


In Kabbalah, Hod is the eighth Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. The word Hod means splendour in Hebrew, and Hod is paired with Netzach on the Tree of Life.

Holy Guardian Angel

In Ritual magick, The Holy Guardian Angel or HGA represents one's higher genius, or divine self. The phrase comes from the fourteenth century grimoire The Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage, and is most commonly employed in Thelema, where it is considered the ultimate goal of all operations.

Hoo doo

Hoodoo is a type of American folk magick, some drawn from Voodoo practices, Appalachian folk magic, and related traditions.


Any type of divination process using water.



A type of divination using the movements or appearances of fish and or fish entrails.


Celebrated on the 2nd of February Imbolc meaning “in the belly” is the celebration of the stirring of life. The spell cast at Yule or Winter Solstice for spring to come is working and the earth is beginning to awaken and stir. The mother is ready with child her nurturing touch is bringing life all around her reading the world for Spring as the very first buds and flowers start to bloom and the days are becoming longer and early rains start to wash away the traces of winters gloom.


An incubus is a male elemental, spirit, or entity that basically enjoys and thrives off sex. Though many can’t actually take on a solid shape of their own, women can feel their touch and become sore from the sexual experience. An incubus can not impregnate a woman directly, but it is possible if an incubus were to possess a human male’s body and then perform sexual acts upon a female a child could be conceived through the union.


An initiation is something that in most covens and or families that practice the craft is a type of ceremony or ritual performed to welcome a new witch into the fold. Each coven or family of witches have different types of initiation rituals.


To invoke or perform an invocation is the process of bringing the essence of the divine, deity, or entity of the divine into your physical body. For example in old Beltane rituals a woman usually a virgin and a man would be chosen to invoke the god and goddess and perform the Beltane rites or union to create a child conceived of the magical union. Invoking a higher entity can be extremely dangerous and takes practice, skill and control.


Jumping the Broom

This was an old ritual usually performed on Beltane we’re two people would take on a sacred marriage usually lasting about six months, also known as jumping the Flame or Fire. The couple would say their rites and vows and hand in hand jump over the broom, or fire in unison to bind themselves together in marriage for a limited period of time, life time, or to unite their souls in marriage for all time believing that the marriage would last in other lives yet to come.


Astrologically, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the ninth house. It is associated with properties of expansion and accumulation. The metal of Jupiter is tin.



Kabbalah is an esoteric* Jewish mystical tradition that places mystical significance on letters and numbers, and their relationships.


Karma is basically another way of saying “balance” it is an energy like an aura around people neither bad nor good until released and depending on how you release this energy that is in the way in which it will return to you in some shape or form. For example if your having a bad day and in turn you take out your frustration on everyone around you, your giving off bad karma and sooner or later all that negative energy will catch up to you. Karma balances itself out, how it effects you is up to you.


In Kabbalah, the first Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. One of the three 'supernal' or unmanifest sephira. The word Kether means Crown in Hebrew, and Kether represents the beginning of creation.

Konx Om Pax

Konx Om Pax is a corrupted Egyptian motto (from Khabs Am Pekht) used by various magical and Masonic groups to refer to spiritual illumination.

It's purported meaning is "light in extension." It is reported by some (Crowley, et al) to have been used by the Isiac Cult and the Eleusinian Mysteries.


Labrys (the double axe)

The labrys is a double headed ritual axe. It is found in ancient Minoan depictions of the Mother Goddess, where its symbolism is related to the labrynth. The word "labrys" is Minoan in origin and is from the same root as the Latin labus, or lips. Similar symbols appear on Norse, African, and Greek religious objects, where it is most often a feminine symbol, most likely lunar in origin.


Generally celebrated August 1st, Lammas is the festival of the first harvest. Some however decide to celebrate Lammas on August 6th, because the four fixed signs of the zodiac align the lion, the bull, the eagle and the spirit. It is considered a very powerful point.


Leo, which is Latin for lion is the fifth constellation of the zodiac. It’s element is fire, those born from 7/23-8/22 fall under the zodiac sign Leo.

Levi, Eliphas

Eliphas Levi is the pseudonym of nineteenth century French philosopher Alphonse Louis Constant. Levi is best known for his books on Ritual Magick, and his depiction of the Templar God Baphomet.

Ley Lines

Leys or "Ley lines" are the grid patterns formed by drawing connecting lines between ancient megaliths, stone circles, and other ancient monuments. These monuments are said to mark the intersection of telluric energy currents (the natural electric currents that make up the earth's magnetic field). Many claim these areas are associated with increased paranormal activity, or 'gateways' for supernatural or interdimensional beings. The term 'ley lines' was coined by archaeologist Alfred Watkins.



The seventh sign of the zodiac, and ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is the sign of the balancing scales and is under the element air. Those born from 9/23-10/23 fall under the sign of Libra.


Litha means "gentle," or "still." . Litha is another name for the midsummer/summer solstice, which falls on June twenty-first in the Northern hemisphere, and marks the beginning of summer.

Today, Litha is celebrated as one of the principal Wiccan Sabbats, or holidays, usually celebrated with a ritual bonfire.



A type of divination using gemstones or pieces of glass.



In Kemetic religion, Ma'at is the principal of universal justice, a concept similar to Karma in eastern religions. Ma'at is personified as a Goddess, but is not strictly a deity.

Mabon (Pronounced May-Bone)

Mabon also generally known as the Fall or Autumn Equinox is celebrated September 23rd, but sometimes the actual day varies from a day or two around the 23rd. The actual Autumn Equinox occurs when the sun journeying south bound crosses the equator and we experience a time when day and night are equally measured in time. Hence it is often symbolized as a time of great balance, it is usually after the Autumn Equinox that we have to set our clocks back (Autumn-fall back, Spring-spring ahead) because during the spring and summer time months the hours of the day have been longer than the hours of the night, with winter around the corner the time difference in day and night reverses making the hours of night and darkness increase over how many hours of daylight we receive.

It’s also time to finish harvesting, and start storing away the bounty of your garden for those long winter months.


In Roman mythology, the Maenads were the mad female followers of Dionysus/Bacchus. Believed to be nymphs frenzied by the influence of Dionysus/Bacchus, they represent dangerous, unrestrained sexuality.



There are really two types of magic, illusion which isn’t true magic but just tricks done by smoke and mirrors and true magic that comes from with in a person. Real magic the type that comes from with in resides in everyone at different levels. Magic comes from energy which is what we are basically made of, human beings are like huge living batteries we take in and send out several amounts of energy a day it’s like breathing air we do it without even realizing it. Magic is the ability to manipulate the energy we send out, and direct that energy to a certain location to attain a certain goal or outcome.

Magic squares (Kamea)

The kamea is a grid of numbers that represents one of the seven planets and is used to discover the names and seals of the planetary seals, intelligences and spirits. The number of squares on the grid is determined by the number of the Sephira governing the planet- nine for the moon, three for Saturn, etc. The numbers in the square must be arranged (using increasingly difficult methods) so that each row or column adds to the same sum. The seal of each planet is created by drawing figures which touch on each square of the seal. The seals of the spirits and intelligences of the seals are traced according to the gematric value of their names. (i.e., aleph=1, and so on; the name Agiel would be traced as 1,3,10, 3 0n the Saturn Square)


Divination preformed by the tossing of stones.


In Kabbalistic cosmology, Malkuth is the tenth and final Sphere (sephira) of divine emanation. The word Malkuth means kingdom, or throne, and is the plane of material existence.


Divination preformed using weather patterns.


Divination preformed by studying the movement and appearance of rodents.



Written in Damascus in 730 A.D. by the "Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred, it's the most evil of the black magick Grimoires. Its use has propelled the unwitting into violence, insanity, and death. Just looking inside without proper precautions can render a person insane....right? Hardly.

The Necronomicon, or "Book of Dead Names," is pure invention. It was originally conceived as a literary device by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, as background for his story The Hound. In the fictional history he later created, the Necronomicon was the product of an Arab poet, Abdul Alhazred, who worshipped extra-terrestrial deities named "Yog-Sothoth" and "Cthulhu."



In Hebrew Kabbalah, the nephesh (Nefesh) is one of the three parts of the Human soul. Nephesh means animal, and refers to the physical body, and the animal instincts. Some equate the nephesh to the "reptile brain," the primitive brain stem that governs our most primal instincts and emotions.


The nephilim (meaning fallen ones) were angels whom after seeing the evolution of human’s became intrigued with the human woman, and discovering the joy and pleasures of a sexual union with these women they were banned from heaven. Those fallen angels that did fall in love with these human women stayed upon earth teaching the women magic and the ways of the earth and mated with them, also creating a mixed hybrid of offspring called nephilim.


Divination preformed by studying cloud shapes and movements.


Nidstang means, literally, "curse pole." The nidstang (sometimes called a "Nithing Pole," or "niding pole") is an ancient Scandinavian custom of formal cursing or hexing. A wooden pole or stake was inscribed with the intended consequence and erected with a ceremony. A horse's head and hide or carcass was placed atop the pole in the facing in the direction one wished to send the curse. Today, the nidstang is more likely to be virtual- an internet curse accompanied by a virtual horse's head (I'm sure the horses are relieved).


In the Palo Mayombe faith, the Nikisi are deities similar to the Orishas of Lukumi- personifications of the forces of nature. They act as guardians, benefactors, and avengers of their followers, and are propitiated through prayer and sacrifice.


Notariqon (Notarikon) is a Kabbalistic methodology, and involves looking for deeper meanings in words or phrases by expanding them into sentences, or reducing phrases to acronyms. A well known example of Notarikon is the word amen, a compaction of the phrase "Adonai Melekh Na'amon," "Lord, faithful King." Pronounced No-tar-ik-kon • (noun)




Nuit (Nut, Nwt, Nathor)

The Goddess Nuit (Nut, etc.) Nut (noot) is the Egyptian Goddess of the sky, representing the fullness of the cosmos. She is usually depicted nude, a body made of stars, arching over the world.

In Egyptian mythology, Nut swallowed the sun every evening, and gave birth to it every morning. She was the mother of the deities Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. Her name is the root of the word "night" in a number of tongues. In the Thelemic faith, Nut is Nuit, the personification of infinite space, the goddess who revealed herself to Aleister Crowley in 1904.


Obeah (Ow-bee-ah)

Obeah means sorcery, and refers to a number of folk magick traditions both within specific faiths, or practiced as a separate tradition combining aspects of African traditional religion with western ritual magick.


Usually the term “occult” refers to a supernatural practice or witchcraft, but an occult can be any group of people gathered together for a certain purpose, faith, or goal that the members strongly believe in. An occult isn’t always dangerous to join but as any group you should always know the terms of membership and what it stands for being for agreeing to join.


The Celtic Ogham alphabet dates from the fourth century. The alphabet is named for Ogmos, the Celtic god of knowledge and communication. Ogmos was associated with the Gaulish Ogmios and the Greek Hermes.

The ogham alphabet has twenty letters, each named for a different tree sacred to the Celtic Druids. Each letter is made up of one to five straight or angled lines incised on a straight base line. Because the number of letters, and the number of lines that make up each letter, some scholars have theorized that the ogham may have originated as a system of hand signs. Examples of Ogham writing have been found all over the British Isles, and even as far away as Spain and Portugal. All surviving examples exist as stone carvings, usually on tombstones and road markers.

Although it is commonly used by modern Druids and other NeoPagans as a divination system, there is no real relationship between modern and historical divination systems. When used as a divination method, the letters are usually notched into straight twigs and used much like runes.


Usually around March 2oth Ostara is the Spring Equinox when the days start to become longer and the first real buds of spring start to bloom.

It is the celebration of spring and winter’s end, of re-birth and life taking form after the harsh months of winter have finally come to an end.

It is the goddess in her maiden form young and beautiful renewed from her rule as the crone.

In my family Ostara is the “time of training” for those old enough to begin their journey in the craft. We also celebrate by making a small feast of all our spring time favorites lemonade, sandwiches, chips and we have a picnic outside under the clear sky before we start working on re-planting our garden and asking the goddess to bless it.

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