Red~ Lust, sexual energy, love, passion, the element fire

Orange~ Ambition, legal actions, business, success.

Yellow~ Learning, imagination, the sun, the element air.

Green~ Fertility, money matters, healing, growth, mother earth, the element earth.

Blue~ Peace, healing, change, calm, the element water.

Purple~ Psychic & spiritual ability, awareness and contact, power, inner strengths, hidden knowledge.

Pink~ Spiritual & unconditional love, nurturing, romance, self improvement, maturity.

Gold~ Sun & solar endeavors, male empowerment, represents god figure.

Silver~ Moon & mysterious endeavors, female empowerment, represents the goddess.

Brown~ Earth & friendship.

White~ Spiritual peace, peace, purity, cleansing, divination, clairvoyance, protection, spiritual enlightment.

Black~ Protection, Mediation, Bindings, Banishings

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