Pagan God of Fertility

Cerrunnos or also known as "The Horned One", with the handsome face and torso of a man, and the horns and legs of a stag god of fertility, the hunt, sexuality, and death to pagans and the celtic. Bestowed the name "The Horned One" due to the fact he is also the god of the hunt and the hunted and because in his liknesses he is portrayed with two mighty horns a top his noble head.
It was Cerrunnos the Horned One who was invoked during the great hunt of the druids, a sarcred ceremony to initiate the new high king. By way of this hunt the new king swore his alliance to the goddess, Avalon Island of the druids, and his people. The hunt took place upon Beltane (or Beltain) May 1st the begining of spring for the druids when new life began to again take shape and form. After the great hunt the beltane fires were lit. All would rejoice and take part in the fesitivies. Each year a maiden would be chosen to perform in the sacred ritual. She would be taken to a secret place and bathed with perfumes to enchant and their bodies were painted in symbols of fertility and prosperity and she would be masked. The masking was done because the chosen maiden invoked the goddess and was no longer herself but a vessel for the goddess herself and in this place she waited until the end of the hunt when the young king would come to her also wearing a mask. (usually one of a steer) Both as Cerrunnos and the goddess the two united and made love well into the night never knowing each other's true identity. This was done to conceive a child of the union.
Cerrunnos wasn't only called upon for the great hunt, he was also known to help with fertility of the feilds, plants, animals, and the mind. He is also known to be a bringer of not only life but death as well. For with life there is death and with death there is life.


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